I absolutely LOVE my new red framed Tag Heuer Spring 0301 eyeglasses. They are fun and completely versatile.

A red accessory piece, like my Tag Heuer Eyeglasses, is the perfect way to spice up an all black ensemble.

This week I wore my Tag glasses to the launch party for Johnnie Walker Double Black scotch. I paired them with Levi’s Jeans, Ralph Lauren Black Label Long Sleeve Knit and a Mardana Jacket.

Last night, I wore them with John Varvatos Denim, Hugo Boss Polo and a Gucci Blazer.

Look out for more Fashion Forward with DR Mixologist stories, coming soon!

Yesterday I celebrated “Mixology Wednesday” with the power set, socialites and celebrities at the iconic Michael’s New York. Mixologist Michael Flannery debuted his contemporary fall cocktails made with a high proof Cognac; aged rum from Venezuela; Italy’s aperitivo bitter; and premium French liqueurs.

I hung out with friends while sipping on cocktails and enjoying delicious bar bites.




I celebrated my birthday all weekend with friends while sipping on classic negronis and sbagliatos.

I did everything from bar hopping all over NYC to hosting an intimate private party at my home with friends. I had a great time!

Classic Negroni

1 oz Campari

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

1 oz Gin

Chill and serve in a martini glass with an Orange twist or slice.

For a  sbagliato, substitute the Gin for Champagne.


Today’s my birthday!

My friends at Marie Brizard sent over a b-day surprise article that they did with Market Watch about me and Tales of the Cocktail.

Thanks Marie Brizard!

TV Themed Cocktails with TVology

September 29th, 2011

I recently did an exclusive interview with TVology where I shared my newest cocktail creations. The cocktails are based on the new prime-time shows ”Pan Am”, “Whitney”, “The Playboy Club” and  ”Up All Night”.

What’s better than sipping on a delicious cocktail while watching your favorite shows?

Hef Knows Best "The Playboy Club"

Here’s an excerpt of the interview, to read the whole interview click here:

OLOGY: Creating cocktails for the fall season lineup is very creative and brings character to each show. Why did you choose the shows that you chose?

DARRYL ROBINSON: Well they are all kind of trending right now and just moving forward I think I’m going to start doing that with a lot of shows. So this is just the first collection that I’m starting to work with…My thing is kind of get in there and identify spirits. The cocktail culture is so hot right now and I guess this is kind of segwaying into what I’m probably going to be writing about for my first book…Its all in making connections that we can all identify with. Somebody has some kind of experience that identifies with either these shows or these characters. So why not just go ahead and canvas it and make it more accessible? The cocktail culture is still just a phenomenon in the major, major cities. But you have the Midwest and people like that who watch these shows, who will be watching them. I think it would just be a great way in introducing these shows with cocktails they either recognize or cocktails that are fairly easy to make at home that they can make some kind of simulation with.

Were there ones easier or harder to make creatively?

You know what? I can give you a dramatic answer because I can be filled with drama sometimes. [laughs] But honestly, you know how a really good chef creates? I kind of do the same thing with cocktails…I come up with them almost organically. I don’t sit here racking my brains out going ‘Oh my God, what can I use?’…I do a quick perception and for some shows I really just have a corner bit of information or I don’t have a whole lot of information on them, but I get the essence of what its about. And because that’s what I’ve committed myself in doing over the next couple of months with the shows coming out and the shows that exist on the air and even some no longer on the air—I mean I just think it’s a fun read. It’s a fun analogy and it’s a fun way in getting the cocktails out there. So of course naturally with the cocktails I’m giving you—I’m using my most creative and newest additions to my cocktail line and things like that. Right now you’re getting…all hip, all new, all right now.

“The Silent Treatment” (Whitney)

1 oz. Wild Hibiscus Syrup
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Gin
Fill w/ Champagne/Prosecco
Hibiscus Fower
Directions: Shake and strain Wild Hibiscus Syrup, Campari, and Gin into a Flute and fill with Champage
Garnish: Hibiscus Flower

Read the whole article here.